Self Massage and Mobility Plan

Why do I need to take care of my posture?

It is the bad postures that cause muscle imbalances and chronic pain. 

To continue, the majority of injuries or chronic pain that are not the result of direct trauma such as a fall, blow or impact or an accident are directly related to our lifestyle or our training errors. 

Maintaining the same posture when sitting or standing is problematic. As well as that, the sitting position and more recently the overuse of smartphones and the hyper-connectivity that this generates, promotes many postural problems, especially around the shoulders and the neck. 

Hence, this is the reason why I offer many practical solutions such as self massage and mobility plans to reduce the overall impact of stress and strategies to improve active and passive recovery.

How can I help you with my self massage and mobility plans?

I will show you step by step how to combine self-massages, joint mobilizations, postural correction exercises and sheathing to find a perfect balance thanks to my self massage and mobility plans. 

Finally, I will identify your dominant posture, We will use self-massage against pain and strengthen your muscles in depth in order to reduce the risk of joint or muscle trauma.

How does it work?

The instructions are simple: 

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