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Why do I need a personal trainer?

It's no longer a secret, to be and stay healthy, regular physical activity is a must. It is, like a healthy lifestyle, a fundamental pledge to stay in shape and in good health throughout your life.

Practicing physical activity with a personal trainer has many benefits, such as training safely, achieving goals such as losing weight or having no back pain, and staying motivated.

It would be too long and tedious to list all the health benefits of regular physical activity. here are some worthy mentions:

  • Decreased chance of mortality
  • Protection of the cardio-respiratory system
  • Weight control and the ability to fight against overweight and obesity
  • Prevention against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes
  • Help to treat depression

It is true that physical activity is at the heart of educational and societal systems. To have me as a personal trainer is to train safely. What are all the advantages and benefits of having me as personal trainer?

So why not read on and find out how I can help you stay healthy with my advanced training programs Why is Julien the best personal trainer in Hong Kong?

Why Julien is the best personal trainer in Hong Kong?

Establish and reach your achievable goals

Getting moving and working out is good! Sometimes we are too demanding of ourselves. Therefore, we set ourselves overly ambitious goals and are impatient to achieve them.

Conversely, from time to time we are satisfied with only making a little effort. Whereas we could do more and do it more frequently. We could go beyond the barriers and limits that we have set for ourselves.

Thus, as a personal trainer, I set achievable and quantifiable intermediate goals with you using my advanced training programs. Indeed, I build the workouts in such a way that the progress is visible. Step by step, I create a personalized action plan that is progressive. That’s to say, the quest for form is established step by step!

Support and learn techniques

First of all, I will assess your physical level and will suggest exercises adapted to your technical background and mastery. Then, I will give you my support with my pedagogy to give you scalable sessions.

Ultimately, I will teach you new, integrated and coherent motor patterns, which will give you the autonomy to be able to exercise in a successful way related to your body’s needs.

Set up physical and functional tests

There are guaranteed benefits to working with me. I will use various relevant and adapted tests to assess your physical condition, your strengths and your weaknesses using my advanced training programs. Together, we will analyze your posture, body language, movements and coordination. Moreover, I am also very good at detecting asymmetries and muscle imbalances.

Training schedule

Using my knowledge and inventory, I will plan a training program for you, which will take into account your sporting history, your level of physical activity, your pace and your lifestyle, your possible pathologies and muscle imbalances.

Having me as a personal trainer will give you the advantage of training safely. I will prioritize your safety as you progress in order to avoid any risk of injury. I have the ability to correctly manage the intensity and workload of your training.

Diversity of sessions

First of all, I offer the advantage of fun and varied sessions, for both people who don’t regularly do physical exercise, as well as for those who do.

Being able to find a taste for putting in effort and surpassing your expectations are not innate. It is my goal to help you understand this, which is why I set up different and fun sessions each time. Eventually, through the fun and enjoyment of the sessions with me, you’ll forget that you are working out.

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