Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Let’s work together to reach your training and diet goals

Julien's advice

Are you stagnating? Don't know what to do?

Do you want to gain muscle, lose fat, and finally achieve your goals?

Online coaching is for you.

A personalized weekly follow-up on both your diet and training as well as being able to have your exercises corrected and perfected by recording and sending me 2 videos of yourself per week.
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Why should you sign up to online coaching with Julien?

If you are on this page, it is probably not by accident. No doubt, that like me when I started out, you feel a little lost among the mass of information, and do not know where to turn.

You are fed up with trying different methods and not seeing the results, have a pain that does not go away, and feel that you are currently wasting your time. Maybe you've even come to believe that you weren't cut out for training and that your physical transformation goals are not within your reach.

You may also be questioning yourself whether you should give up.

Do I need to give up with the online coaching?

Let me tell you, you are wrong.

It's obviously not about training like a pro, following the latest fad diet, but it is about finding what works for you, whether it's in terms of exercises, number of sessions or even food choices. I am not here to advocate the impossible, that would make no sense, but I am here to find the best balance for you.

In principle, nothing is off limits because my goal is not to offer you what is infeasible and to make you feel guilty, but to find your ideal which will evolve over time, over the weeks, over the course of our discussions.

Unfortunately, I don't know how far you can progress but I tend to think from my experience that you can go way beyond what you currently think is possible.

How does the online coaching work?

Quite simply, by creating real communication between us and a weekly following up, every day and every week necessary. I think it is important to keep track of my clients’ progress because I don't believe in the untracked programs that are for sale all over the Internet, and actually believe they are scams.

Definitely, I believe in teamwork.

I believe in collaborative work that allows us to define the program and diet that suit you, despite your constraints, thanks to a real follow-up.

To sum up, I obviously do not pull my methods out of thin air. They are primarily based on the morpho-anatomical analysis of which I have become a specialist in over the years and will allow you to very precisely determine your potential and the exercises that are suitable for you.

How much does it cost?

1,000 HKD - 1 Month

During this month, we will be able to set up a training and nutrition plan based on the foundations. This plan will be the launching point for certain evolutions. The number of exercises and repetitions will be adapted to your lifestyle. Using the corrective videos every week, I will be able to adjust and fine tune your movements and exercises with you to avoid injuries and to progress safely.

3,000 HKD - 3 Months

Thanks to the 3 months of coaching, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the exercises, the repetitions and integrate them into your lifestyle. The adjustment of exercises and nutrition will be made to adapt to your everyday life. You will be able to see a real improvement in your training ability and in your health.

6,000 HKD - 6 Months

I warmly recommend this package which is the most interesting for me because we will be able to plan, in the medium term, a structured and personalized training and nutrition plan. You will become familiarized with the exercises, and will have the joy of seeing improvements in your physique, health and performance at the gym.

12,000 HKD - 12 Months

This duration is suitable for people who want to create a long-term personalized training and nutrition plan. At the end of this period, you will have all the cards in your hands to be able to personalize your training and your nutritional plan.

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