1-On-1 Training

1-On-1 Training

Let’s work together to reach your training and diet goals

Julien's advice

The 1-On-1 training sessions are the simplest for improving the most and to progress safely while having diversity in the exercises.

I highly recommend this package for people who do not want to train at the gym, and want a personal trainer to listen to them, and who can correct the exercises live.
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What does 1-On-1 training mean?

The 1-On-1 training is simply a private session between you and me. I will come to you and train you in either the comfort of your own home, at work, outdoors at the local park or online.

Why should you do the 1-On-1 training session with Julien?

The 1-On-1 training workout session is primarily intended for people who have persistent pain and problems preventing them from progressing, and are looking to for personalization to progress quicker in the medium and long term.

Indeed, during a session of about 90 minutes, I would carry out your morpho-anatomical analysis and explain the ins and outs of it to you, helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as what it means in terms of exercise choices for you.

From there, together, we will build your personalized program based on the analysis and also on your constraints, availability and objectives while explaining how to progress during each session.

Finally, we will look at the technique of performing the exercises in the program. This session should serve to lift the veil on all the questions you ask yourself.

My goal is for you to leave with all the tools you need to progress in the following months, if not years, without hurting yourself and without wasting time.

If you are interested in the 1-On-1 training sessions, please contact me to discuss it further beforehand to see if this is what you really need.

When do the 1-On-1 training sessions take place?

It really depends on your calendar, and when are you willing to train. I am open to giving you a private workout session when I have free slot in my calendar. Please contact me beforehand to schedule a time.

Where are the 1-On-1 training sessions?

The 1-On-1 Training sessions are located either in Tamar Park, Happy Vally recreation ground or at any location you would like to do them on Hong Kong island.

How much does it cost?

1,000 HKD - 1 Session

The first session is the most important; it will allow you to assess your level of training and health. During this first session, you will be able to discover my way of training, how the exercises can be adapted for you as well as how I listen to understand your needs.

7,500 HKD - 5 Sessions

I see you want to improve, and I like it!

14,250 HKD - 10 Sessions (5% Off)

Thanks to this package of 10 sessions, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the exercises, and especially, be able to see your improvement from session to session. I recommend this number of sessions in order to progress together and achieve your training and health goals!

27,000 HKD - 20 Sessions (10% Off)

Let's train together and achieve your goals together!

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