Julien Legrand

Your personal trainer and nutrition coach

I am currently the only personal trainer and nutrition in Hong Kong that offers a training plan based on morphological and anatomical analysis.

I am Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

About Me

I've been a personal trainer and nutrition coach for quite a few years, and I’m dedicated to and enjoy helping people progress by giving them the means to achieve their ambitions while leaving as little room for chance as possible, whether you are looking to gain mass, define your muscles or just to simply get back into shape. 

As an activist for anti-doping training, I will do my best to help you achieve your goals whether you are training at home, in your home gym or at the gym. 

My goal is not to recommend the universal ideal to you but to find your practical ideal in order to find the perfect balance for you so that you avoid injuring yourself, get rid of any frustration you may have and to find the best workout exercises according to your body anatomy. 

As a personal trainer and and nutrition coach base in Hong Kong and running business in Asia, I will do my best to reach together your fitness and diet goals! ​

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Why Me?

I strive to continuously expand my unique vision through the health, fitness, wellness, and medical communities, on a global level, in order to be able to have a profound impact on the current world-wide mindset towards health and wellness.

A tailored program
​I am fully focused on your personal needs in  order to help you reach your objectives.

Close to you
Creating a comfortable environment so you’ll feel as ease talking to me.

I am always available to answer  your questions.

Flexible schedule
I understand how a busy life can be so I’ll adapt  myself around your schedule.

Regular updates
The program will continuously  adapt to your evolution and your feelings.

Progress together
With me at your side, achieving your goals has never been so easy!

Together, we will achieve your goals that you could not achieve!


Please feel free to leave me a message with any questions!

Packages & Pricing

90 Minutes

Private session
Indoor or Outdoor area
Tailored workout
Live corrective exercises
Progress reports
Exercise advice
Diet advice
Stretching exercises
Self massage exercises
Mobility exercises
Question discussion

60 Minutes

Semi Private session Outdoor area
Group workout training Exercise demonstration
Corrective exercise tips Stretching exercises
Self massage exercises
Mobility exercises

1 Month

Weekly updates
Goal setting
Tailored workout Exercises correction
Progress reports Exercise advice
Diet advice
Stretching exercises
Self massage exercises Mobility exercises Question discussion

30 Minutes

Diet analysis
Training examination Exercise analysis Exercise demonstration Exercise analysis
Self-massage routine
Mobility exercises study

Let me help you to reach your fitness goals!


I'm a holistic, whole body coach. I coach and empower clients on how to change lifestyle and behavioral patterns in order to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle, which I do in conjunction with utilizing highly effective training techniques, which promote fast body transformations.

"With Julien's constant motivation and incredible exercise routines I have seen amazing results."

"Julien is by far the most innovative personal trainer utilizes exercises and routines that get maximum results"

"With Julien's fitness and nutrition coaching, and wise guidance I can now go to the gym with the confidence."


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