Frequently Asked Questions

How often is my training and diet plan updated with the online coaching package?

Your training and diet plan is updated weekly on the day of the week that you choose.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay me with cash, PayPal or via a bank transfer.

How can I contact you to start the training?

You can contact me directly via email or drop me a message on WhatsApp.

How long does it take to get an answer to my email?

All your emails are processed and answered within 48 hours.

How often will I train per week?

It all depends on your schedule and your goals, but with most of my students, we try to follow a 4 day plan.

How will my training will be tailored to me?

After completing the questionnaire and receiving your photos, we will begin to gradually personalize the choice of exercises and manage the progress cycles according to your progress, feelings and difficulties each week.

How will I know how to do the exercises properly?

In order to work and progress in the best possible way together, I strongly encourage you to review all of the exercises in your program before you begin. You will receive a link to all the exercises after I receive your questionnaire and photos.

What will my warm-up training be like?

I will share a list of warm-up exercises via private access to my YouTube videos in order to warm-up properly and prevent any possible injuries.

How will my exercises be corrected remotely?

If possible, each week, I’ll ask you to record yourself doing two of the exercises, so that we can make sure that you are doing them in the correct way to obtain the best results possible. 

We’ll start doing this even before we have finished going through all of the exercises. You just need to upload them to YouTube and make sure you click on the ‘Share Privately” option in the visibility box when uploading, so that the only people who can see them are those that you share the link with me.

How do I schedule my 1-on-1 Training?

After having contacted me via my email address, we will discuss the location of the training, and the calendar together.

How will I know how to do the exercises properly?

With all of the packages, you will receive access to my private YouTube videos, so that you can do the training, mobility and posture exercises correctly.

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